Walk-In Clinic By Appointment

Walk-In Clinic Our medical centre is tailored to the needs of downtown professionals. We offer the ability to book your appointment so there is no “waiting in the waiting room”. Thanks to our unique advanced access scheduling system, we have the shortest waiting times locally – you can often be seen the same day! If you choose to simply “walk-in”, depending on our doctors schedules, we may be able to see you right away, however, most of our patients appreciate and take advantage of our advanced scheduling system making it very improbable that a doctor can see you immediately.

What is the difference between our same day medical visit and your family doctor?

Our same day medical appointments are ideal for short term urgent issues and times when you are not able to see your family doctor in a timely manner. Concerns that can be handled the same day are very suitable to be managed by our same day medical clinic, however, concerns of a long term nature or concerns that require referrals or investigations are always best done through your family doctor.

Key Information about our Walk-in Clinic

  • We are open 7 days a week.
  • We are open every day of the year (including Christmas and New Year’s Day).
  • We are staffed with at least two family physicians every day. On Saturdays & Sundays – we are staffed with 3 family doctors.
  • We are open for anyone – whether you have a family doctor or not.

If you don’t have a family doctor, we have doctors who are accepting new patients!

  • Bring your provincial health card when you register. Expired health cards cannot be accepted.
  • Be prepared with your current address, email address, phone number, and emergency contact number.
  • Bring ALL of your current medications with you or, alternatively, bring a list of all medications.

What to expect at your visit

Expect to be seen on time so please arrive on time. Forms may be required to filled out at the first visit. OHIP cards are required for all visits. Full clinic policies and cancellation policies can be found on our site.

Do I need a referral to use your other services?

No – but you may see the medical doctor first to see which service may be best for you. Our Medical doctors work in a team and are able to coordinate your care with other practitioners. All our health and beauty services are open to the general public at all times and can be booked online. We look forward to serving you.