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At MB Physio & Rehab, we carry the top brands of ankle braces, orthopedic back braces, orthotic knee braces and more. The difference is the time and care we put into customizing your orthotic device to fit your body.

You might not have noticed how complex your body is until it hurts to move it! While all human bodies function generally the same way, your individual measurements and motions are unique to you. For example, a drop foot brace made to fit you will not work as well for anyone else.

That’s why your consultation with a certified orthotist at MB Physio & Rehab, will be a different experience. You’ll understand that his job is not only providing you with a brace, but also significantly improving your quality of life and the lives of those around you.

Orthotics to Fit Your Body – and Your Life

Whether you need an off-the-shelf ankle brace or have a prescription from your doctor for a custom orthopedic back brace, your condition will be properly evaluated. This allows us to recommend one of many products from major brace vendors. The selection is staggering, which is why we help you choose the orthotic that best suits your needs.

Some of our patients want the most “invisible” brace they can get. Others want to flaunt the coolest materials and colors on the market with their new orthotic knee brace.

No matter which kind of patient you are, we guarantee to take the time to put your comfort first, so that your injury, immobility or disability is transformed into possibility! We will never push a product on you just because we have it in stock. We will always direct you to the best orthotic for your individual needs.