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Have you been in a car or motorcycle accident and decided you weren’t injured, but the next day experienced severe aches and pain in your neck or back? Or perhaps you suffered from a headache, numbness in your hands, legs, or had difficulty flexing your neck or turning your head normally?

Maybe you hit your head on the steering wheel, windshield, or headrest during the accident and later experienced headaches, memory loss, blurry vision, or even a painful jaw ache? Or could it be that your symptoms following your accident included chest pain or cramps and spasms in your neck and back?

Accidents Injuries Often Go Unnoticed

Did you know that during an automobile accident, the most movable object in the car is you… your trunk, neck, and head! Imagine, one thousand pounds of pressure moving through your body in a split second and all of the bones in your neck and spine are mechanically altered by injury at this time.

An accident can impact any human, altering the shape of their spine. The airbag, seatbelt, and headrest cam also have a major impact in injury altering the spine, and neck curve. During your injury, the neck muscles, tendons and ligaments are hyper extended, hyper flexed, sprained, strained, torn causing whiplash and other soft tissue injuries.

Automobile injuries and whiplash are the single-most significant factor causing major neurological difficulties altering quality of life, mental health, and physical health!

At MB Physio & Rehab, we diagnose injuries for automobile injuries and create our treatment protocols around the same guidelines. Additionally, we utilize three-dimensional x-rays showing us the structural damage to the spine and neck which helps us to develop the correct treatment plans needed to stabilize these damaged areas and make them strong, stable and healthy.