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Decompression Machine

We utilize the latest in spinal decompression services and technology.

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Shockwave Therapy

Modern and highly effective treatment option in orthopaedic and rehabilitation

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Holistic Chiropractic Services

Let Our Chiropractor Help You Rediscover a Pain-Free Life

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Compression Stockings

Specialized hosiery designed to help prevent against venous disorders

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Suffering from Back Pain or Knee Pain?

Get Help from Certified Physiotherapist – Don’t Perpetually Suffer from Neck, Back or Knee Pain

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Registered Massage Therapist

Unlock Your Health & Rediscover The Lifestyle You Always Wanted

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Welcome to Royal West Rehab

Royal West Rehab offers people the tools to live successful and healthy lives while utilizing the latest evidence-based therapeutic methods in a safe, accountable community setting.


Plan your Health Journey

Make the plan and the strategy first. Know exactly where you are headed, and what the journey is most likely to look like. Try and imagine the final results, try and imagine the difficulties that may occur, imagine the outcome way ahead.


The Therapies

We help you choose the right therapies, and expand the time and the interval of your routine. Your mind already starts to react as expected. It finds the new routine, the change in the system, like something hostile, foreign. So in the start just go small.


Reward Yourself

And here only you define the extent of what reward means. Treat yourself with a nice book, movie, a nap, go to a massage… Whatever you find suiting really. That way you are acknowledging that the new habit is now something that is a part of your life.

Delivering Health

Making a significant change in our lifestyle is something many of us are after. We try to improve many aspects of our lives through proven therapies.


Chiropractic is a health care profession that focuses on disorders of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system, and the effects of these disorders on general health.


Massage Therapy

Massage combines techniques of Swedish massage and deep tissue massage to release chronic muscle tension. It also helps the muscles relax and let the body rejuvenate naturally.


Compression Stockings

You wear compression stockings to improve blood flow in your legs. Compression stockings gently squeeze your legs to move blood up your body in a natural way.



Our orthotics are a custom-molded, individually designed shoe insert or ankle brace. Orthotic devices like these are frequently used to treat various conditions of the foot and ankle.


Our Promise

Our medical and clinical staff have experience in treating many of the co-occuring disorders and issues that need to be addressed as part of our client’s health problems.

We do direct billing to all insurance companies. Our patients do not pay us any thing.

Spine & Back Pain Treatment

We specialize in spine and back pain management through various therapies and accessories.


Our premises has Shockwave – most advanced equipment. We also treat joint pain without injection.

Medical Shoes

We also help our clients get medical shoes to treat their particular feet or leg related medical condition.

What Our Clients Say

We aim to incorporate the high standards of our founding clinic into our services. Read our client’s testimonials.


Two years after a car accident that injured my shoulder, and finding limited improvement from various therapies, I decided to make one more attempt and came in to see Royal West. I was glad I did.


Three weeks ago I crawled in. I was in agony. Now I am pain free and walking fine. Best place by far for my massage or chiropractic needs. Thank you.


They have a great massage therapist who takes care of his clients’ goals and explains everything in detail so we have a better knowledge and understanding of how our body works and what we need to keep doing to maintain a healthy physique and lifestyle.

See how spinal decompression therapy can help alleviate your back and neck pain.


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If you would like more information about the treatments provided by Royal West Rehab, please contact our team and your query will be answered directly.


Royal West Rehab

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305 Royalwest Drive

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